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The module can be started directly from the ‘Welcome’ screen of the account management section or by selecting 'Accounts' in the module selection on top of the page. The accounts that the user is authorised to edit are then displayed:

               Example:	“Amsterdam”

By clicking on the paper & pen icon, next to the name of the account to be edited, a window opens from which various general account settings can be edited.

Please Note! Before editing the account settings, it is recommended that a back-up is made of the current settings. Create a back-up by clicking on the ‘Export account settings’ button at the bottom of the page.

General account settings

The settings that can be edited are:

              Account name                                 : Name of city or region
              Email sender (for invite)                    : Sender address
              Email address sendername (for use in invites): Sender name
              Template                                     : Selection box, e.g. Amsterdam
              First year                                   : E.g. 2006
              Always use index                             : Tick
              Lock out from comparison                     : Tick
              Home page                                    : File name
              Contact link                                 : Link to contact page of consumer site 
              Corporate site link                          : Link to URL corporate site
              Company name                                 : E.g. Amsterdam Marketing
              Telephone number                             : Contact telephone number
              Barometer visible                            : Tick
              Common website title                         : Suitable name for the site)
              Keywords for search engines                  : Max. 20 words, separated with ,(comma)
              Website description for search engines       : Max. 20 words
              Domain name                                  : Separated with ; (semicolon)
              Google Analytics                             : Code linking the account to Google Analytics
              Available languages                          : DE, GB and NL
              Default language                             : (selection box, e.g. Dutch)

After editing the settings, click on the 'save' button.

Colour settings

The Edit account colours and style section is used to edit the colour settings for an account and add a logo to the opening page of the Tourist Barometer. Read Upload a landing page logo for more information and the logo image requirements.

Settings for graphs and modules

In this section of the screen, users can edit the settings for the modules linked to this account. For more information, see: Edit existing modules.

Primary modules and sub-modules

A few modules in the Barometer are layered. The composite module 'Hotel bednights' and 'Hotel arrivals' is an example of this. It’s a submodule of 'Hotels' which is displayed in the menu on the left-hand side. Therefore, when entering 'Hotel bednights' and 'Hotel arrivals' it is necessary to also activate the ‘Hotels’ module so it becomes visible on the barometer.

Saving data

Click the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the page after editing the various graph and/or module settings.

Used in Accounts (Account Administrators) and Manage Accounts (Barometer Administrators)

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