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The current situation page is the opening page of an account (city or region) in the Tourist Barometer. This page provides up-to-date information about the annual attendance figures for the account. The annual attendance figures are displayed in percentages, compared to the previous year.

The page consists of the elements outlined below. Your Account Administrator may not have granted access to every element, in which case you will only see certain elements.


Text explanation of the figures. See ‘Table’ below for more information.


Line graph of the modules that are configured to be displayed on the current situation page (can be configured by the Account Administrator). Hover over the table to see the values in the graph. Hide captions and corresponding lines by clicking the captions separately. Click again to make the caption and corresponding line visible again.

See ‘Table’ below for more information.


Underlying figures in table form, reflecting the same information as the graph of modules that are configured to be displayed on the current situation page.

The figures in the module columns are the monthly deviations following correction in terms of percentage.

The total average is a composite indicator based on the combined modules included. The Account Administrator determines (and uses the administration system to configure) which modules need to be included in the average and the weight assigned to a certain module. This is shown in the Barometer Widget in the top right corner of the page.

Example: Tourism Barometer Amsterdam current situation page

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