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'Language settings' is used to configure the page terms for each module and page. The module can be started directly from the ‘Welcome’ screen of the account management section or by selecting 'Language settings' in the module selection on top of the page.

It is now possible to use the search function to filter by required page and languages. This search function consists of the following fields:

Selecteer pagina (Select page)                        : Select the page where terms need to be edited.
Zoek term (Search term)                               : Fill in a search term and select the language in which the search should be carried out. 
Zoek lege term in taal (Search empty term in language): Select the language to search for an empty term.
Toon talen (Show languages)                           : Tick the languages in which the search should be carried out.

Clicking on the “Search” button will display an overview of the filtered terms. Another option is to show the complete list of terms. Then the 'filter' fields should be left empty. Scroll down to view the list of terms. A column can be sorted alphabetically by clicking one of the column headers.

The settings for each term can be edited by clicking “Edit” in front of each individual term, opening a new screen in which the term in question can be entered in the various languages. Clicking on “Save” confirms the changes.

Export to MS Excel

A file containing the terms in various languages can be exported from the Barometer system to Excel. The complete list of terms or a list of selected terms by using a filter (the results of the search function) can be exported by clicking ‘Export all’ or ‘Export using filter’ underneath the list of terms. The system automatically generates a file in MS Excel 2003 format. This export-file consists of a particular format. It is important to retain this file format, because otherwise the file cannot be imported back into the Barometer.

Import from an Excel file

Terms in an MS Excel file can be imported into the system. Note that it must be an Excel 2003 format (if working in a later version, click ‘Save As’ and select the MS Excel 2003 [XLS] format before saving). File names may only contain letters and numbers; special characters are not permitted. •The file format that needs to be retained to import the file correctly,is as follows:

- The file contains a worksheet. On this worksheet several terms are displayed.
- The first column of the worksheet has the title 'Term'. In this column, term numbers are displayed
- The second column of the worksheet has the title 'Pagina' (Page). This column displays the pages of the Barometer in which the term is used.
- The third column of the worksheet has the title 'Module'. This column displays the module of the Barometer in which the term is used.
- In the fourth column and onwards country codes are displayed. These columns display the translations for the term in the respective languages.

Add new languages

New languages can be added using the “Language settings” module. Follow the next steps to add a new language:

1. Select in the "Language settings" module in the top-right “Add language”.

2. The “language name” and “country code” can be entered on the subsequent screen by 'Name' and 'Shortkey'. The so-called Alpha-2 code should be used, as set out in the ISO 3166-1 standard. See for more information.

3. Click 'save' to add the new language to the Barometer.

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