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This is another element of editing account settings, which allows users to edit the characteristics of the various modules. The first step is to click on the module that requires editing.

Modules that have just been created may not appear in the list, because they have not yet been linked to your account by the Barometer Administrator. If this is the case, contact the Barometer Administrator to link the modules to the account.

The following information can be edited for each selected module:

              Is this module active?                                        : tick
              Is this module visible?                                       : tick
              Is this module visible on the CURRENT SITUATION/HOMEPAGE?     : tick
              Weight on CURRENT SITUATION/HOMEPAGE?                         : number
              Always use the index for this module                          : tick
              Always use the index in comparison module                     : tick
              Use months abbreviations in table and graph?                  : tick
              Is accommodation module                                       : selection box, e.g. ‘Not an Accommodation module’
              Show values in graph ‘squares’                                : tick
              Show description near graph edges                             : tick
              Show vertical line and measure lines                          : tick
              Text on x-axis                                                : text
              Text on y-axis                                                : text
              Size of 'squares' in graph                                    : number
              Show growth rate instead of absolute values in graph 'squares': tick
              Centre legend text                                            : tick
              Legend text size                                              : number
              PartnerRechten (Rights attached to partners’ figures)         : selection box, e.g. ‘Visible to own partners’
              Show bar chart                                                : tick
              Show bar/line chart                                           : tick
              Show ring chart                                               : tick
              Show line chart                                               : tick
              Is public                                                     : tick
              NL Additional explanation                                     : text field
              GB Additional explanation (if applicable)                     : text field
              FR Additional explanation (if applicable)                     : text field
              DK Additional explanation (if applicable)                     : text field
              SE Additional explanation (if applicable)                     : text field

Is this module active

This option toggles whether the module is used by the Tourist Barometer. If the module is not active, figures cannot be entered for the module and the module will not be visible in the Tourist Barometer.

Is this module visible on the website

This option toggles the visibility of the module without affecting whether it is active. If a module is invisible, all functionality remains available (such as entering figures).

Is this module visible on the CURRENT SITUATION/HOMEPAGE

Tick the relevant box in the screen for editing modules to show whether the module is visible on the ‘current situation’ page.

Is accommodation module

The barometer can add up the figures from two separate modules and transform them into one new separately calculated module. The data of this module will not be displayed separately as a module in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, but can be displayed in the table on the ‘current situation’ page. This refers to adding up the figures of, for instance, 'Bednights in hotels' and 'Bednights in accommodation'. Selecting the box 'Is accommodation module' for both, and thus indicating that both of these are Accommodation modules, will signal to the barometer that they belong together. The nationalities will automatically be matched.

Show description near graph edges

The text alongside the x- and y-axis can be edited, but will only be displayed if the option is ticked.

Is public

This option makes the module visible to all users of Tourism Barometer. The module can therefore be accessed without logging in.

Available nationalities per module

Available nationalities must be specified for each module that indicates arrivals- or bednights figures. See Available nationalities per module for more information.

Used in Accounts (Account Administrators) and Manage Accounts (Barometer Administrators)

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