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Please note: Normally, Interpulse (web developer) creates an account for the new participating region or town with the associated SKIN after Amsterdam Marketing delivers the details. If only the SKIN has been created and the account hasn’t been allocated yet, the following steps need to be taken.

To create a new account undertake the following steps:

1. Open the module 'Accounts'. The module can be started directly from the ‘Welcome’ screen of the account management section or by selecting 'Accounts' in the module selection on top of the page.

2. Select 'Add Account'.

3. Specify the name of the new account. Please note: the name of the new account is the same as the name of the new participating region or town.

4. Select the SKIN corresponding to the account. This has been created in advance by Interpulse (the web developer). Click the 'save' button.

5. Next, follow the steps as described at Edit account settings to adjust the remaining account settings.

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