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Add new administrator

New Account Administrators can be added using the ‘Add user’ button.

The following fields should be completed for the new users:

  User name        : Select a new user name. Once created, this user name cannot be edited.
  Password         : Select a password.
  Confirm password : Re-enter the password for confirmation.
  Role             : Account Administrators are authorised to create other new Account Administrators (type: account-administrator) and Users (not in use). Barometer Administrators are also authorised to create new Barometer Administrators (type: administrator).  
  Surname          : Surname including prefixes if applicable.
  First name       : First name of user.
  Email Address    : Email address of user
  Organisation     : User’s organisation.
  Address          : (not mandatory)
  Postcode         : (not mandatory)
  Town/City        : (not mandatory)
  Country          : (not mandatory)
  Telephone number : (not mandatory) 
  Fax number       : (not mandatory)

Click on the 'save' button to create the new user.

Edit Administrator

An Administrator’s details can be edited by clicking on the pen icon next to their name. The fields are the same as when creating a new Administrator, except for User name The user name cannot be edited.

Clicking on the cross icon deletes the Administrator. The Administrator will be deleted from the system, however, the user name cannot be reused.

Used in Authorisation

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