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The various modules ‘Museums’, ‘Attractions’, ‘Hotels’ etc. can be selected on the left-hand side of the screen. The figures relating to the modules are subsequently displayed for each individual module.

Year selector tab

The desired year can be selected in the tab at the top centre of the page.

Selections tab

The ‘selections tab' is located next to the ‘year’ tab at the top centre of the page. Groups of specific partners can be created within the different modules. In this way specific groups of users are created within a module. If such groups have been created, they are visible under the ‘selections’ tab. For more information on creating groups of partners, see Creating Partner groups

Display comments

Comments are displayed by clicking at the top right-hand side of the page. Clicking on the link opens a window containing a text explanation of the figures on the module page in question.If the rights for the page are appropriate and the individual months are shown, individual comments can be retrieved per user by clicking on the red triangle in the text field of the table.

Export data

Options for exporting the information in different formats (PDF, Excel file and CSV file) can be found at the top right of the page.

Email this page

At the top right of the page there is also an option to email the page. Clicking on the ‘Email this page’ button opens the default email program and creates a new email with a link to the respective page.

Print this page

Lastly, at the top right of the page there is an option to print the page. Clicking on the 'Print this page' button opens the default print screen of your internet browser, which you can use to print the page.


A graph is displayed on each module page containing the results in months on the X-axis and with(attendance) figures on the Y-axis. It is possible to choose between showing the data in a line graph, a bar graph or a pie chart. Hover over the table to see the values in the graph. Hide captions and corresponding lines or bars by clicking on the captions separately. Click again to make the caption and corresponding lines or bars visible again.


(When necessary), a text explanation of the figures is displayed underneath the graph.


The table displays the underlying figures relating to the selected year and selected module. These are the corrected figures for all participating organisations in the module types in question (e.g. all museums).

TOTAL                                         : Sum of all attendance figures.
Total participating museums                   : Sum of all museums.
Average number of visits                      : Average of the attendance figures and the number of participants.
Difference compared to previous year’s average: Difference from the average from the previous year.
Percentage change                             : Difference from the previous year’s average, expressed as a percentage.
Percentage change (following correction)      : Difference from the previous year’s average, expressed as a percentage and including correction between the selected year and the year before. 
                                                The correction means that the system ensures that the sample is exactly the same for both years.

Combined modules

A combined module can be created for several module types, e.g. Hotel Stays and Hotel Guests. For combined modules, the Graph, Explanation and Table modules are displayed for all underlying modules.

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