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After logging in, the user can select ‘Comparisons’ in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. The comparison module makes it possible to compare the user’s data with other data in the Tourist Barometer. The availability of other data is controlled by the Account Administrator and can vary per account. This section of the manual is based on the default configuration.

The following considerations should be taken into account before making comparisons:

- The default setting for selection 1 is always in the user’s own sector and region. A user can select a different sector but cannot change the region.

- If a comparison is made between two alike sectors and regions, it is recommended that the lowest (earliest) year of the comparison is selected first.

- If a comparison is required using the sectors: Hotel Guests, Hotel Stays, Accommodation Guests or Accommodation Stays, nationalities must always be selected (specific, or all). If nationalities are not selected, the comparison will not be carried out. Please note: all available nationality options for the entire selection are displayed. If several regions are selected, the page does not display which nationalities are available per region.

- When choosing a Partner group by 'subregion' this option is deactivated at 'select participant(s)' and vice versa.


A maximum of 4 selections may be made. If selection 3 and/or 4 is left empty, only selections 1 and 2 will be included in the comparison.

The following criteria can be configured per selection:

Area                   : Account
Subregion              : (if available) Partner group
Sector                 : Module
Select participant(s)  : All participants, TOP 10 participants, specific participant, (if available) Partner group. 
Select Year            : Desired year (availability dependent on account)
Start month            : Applies to all selections.
End month              : Applies to all selections.
Compare at index-basis : When comparing two regions, values can be displayed as indices rather than absolute figures.
Secondary axis display : Activated automatically. This means the secondary axis can be displayed if a scale difference is evident in the data series. This function can be deactivated.

Results display

After the comparison criteria have been entered, clicking the ‘Make comparison’ button starts the comparison. All data will be displayed in one graph and table.

The figures are displayed according to month and selection. Underneath the table, a row shows the total cumulative amount per year. If a comparison within the regions has been made, the table also contains a column indicating the percentile difference between the various selections. This does not apply to a comparison between two or several regions.

The data are also shown in a graph which contains the results in months on the X-axis and with(attendance) figures on the Y-axis. It is possible to choose between showing the data in a line graph, a bar graph or a pie chart. Hover over the table to see the values in the graph. Hide captions and corresponding lines or bars by clicking on the captions separately. Click again to make the caption and corresponding lines or bars visible again.

Display key and explanation

The ‘Show/hide key and explanation’ link toggles the display of the key and explanation (if available).

Print this page

At the top right of the page there is an option to print the page. Clicking on the 'Print this page' button opens the default print screen of your internet browser, which you can use to print the page.

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